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How Liquid Glass Guard Can Protect Your Windshield

At Liquid Glass Guard, we know how important your windshield is to your car. When you’re driving, you need a clear, clean view of the road in front of you, and when it’s raining or the wind is blowing, you want to feel confident that your windshield is protected. With our revolutionary products, you can have a clean, durable windshield that lasts for years!


When you have to drive in a rainstorm, you need to be able to concentrate on what’s going on around you. Other cars, slick roads, and many different hazards can present themselves during a downpour. The last thing you need is a foggy or smudged windshield. Liquid Glass Guard provides a layer of rain repellent that can withstand up to 100,000 wiping actions with your windshield wipers!


The majority of windshield replacements happen because of a crack or pit caused by a stone. A truck driving in front of you on the highway might kick up a rock that damages your windshield, and while the crack may start small, it eventually spreads, obstructing your vision as you drive. By applying Liquid Glass Guard, you can add a layer of stone repellent protection, avoiding those dreaded cracks and pits.


Whether you’re driving in rain or snow, you need to be able to rely on your windshield wipers. Your wipers break down over time, as the wiping action and exposure to the elements causes the rubber material to degrade. With our products, you can extend the life of your wipers, as you won’t need to use them as often or on the highest setting during a rain or snow storm.


Speaking of snow, you may dread the winter months and having to scrape snow and ice off of your car before you can head to work, run errands, or take the kids to school. If you park outside during the colder part of the year, applying Liquid Glass Guard and its 100-nanometer-wide coating can make snow and ice removal easier, since there’s a layer of protection between the moisture and your windshield.

f you want to protect your windshield from rain, rocks, and ice, then order your Liquid Glass Guard Starter Kit today. It’s easy to apply, and it will keep your windshield clean and clear for months. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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