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4 Ways To Winterize Your Car

Winter is a time of year that you want to be as prepared for as possible. There are many ways to prepare your car, but what about yourself? You'll need winter clothing and boots to protect yourself from the weather outside. But what about inside the car? We have four tips on how you can help keep your car warm this winter!

APPLY LIQUID GLASS GUARD. You can help protect your car from the cold weather by applying Liquid Glass Guard. Liquid Glass Guard will help your windshield repel moisture, which allows your wipers to work more effectively, thereby making your drive safer. Liquid Glass Guard also helps prolong the life of your wiper blades!

SWITCH TO WINTER WIPERS Speaking of windshields, don't forget to switch out your wiper blades for winter ones. This will help prevent them from freezing and cracking in cold weather. There are two different types of wiper blades: all-season and winter. You can tell the difference by looking at the rubber part on each blade. If it's a black blade, it's an all-season blade. If you see any yellow on them, they're winter blades.

winsdshield wiper fluid
KEEP YOUR WASHER FLUID FULL. Another important thing to remember when winterizing your car is to keep the washer fluid full. This will help you clean off any snow or ice that builds up on your windshield while you're driving. You can tell if the washer fluid is low by checking the level indicator on the reservoir. If it's below the minimum line, it's time to fill up the washer fluid. Make sure you use a high quality windshield washer fluid that won't freeze in cold weather. Seeing clearly while driving is important for your safety!

SWITCH TO WINTER TIRES. One of the best ways to winterize your car is by switching to winter tires. Winter tires are made specifically for colder weather, and they'll help keep you safe on the road. They have a deeper tread depth than regular tires, which will give you better traction in snow and ice. If you're not sure if your current tires are winter tires, there are a few ways to tell. Winter tires will have the word "winter" or "snow" on them, and they'll usually be a different color than regular tires. You can also check the sidewall of the tire. If it has a snowflake symbol on it, then it's a winter tire.

To make your winter driving safer, order Liquid Glass Guard today. We have a 100% money-back guarantee that our wipes will produce the promised results. You've got nothing to lose and a safer, more relaxed season of driving to gain!

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